Design Process

Design and Consultation

This is where we begin bringing value to your building. We will work with your design team to identify areas of savings and implement practicality in design. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the design process.  In over 20 years of creating custom interiors, we have come to know what really makes your building livable, not just what looks good on paper. We will ensure you get the absolute best interior space, and enjoy using it for years to come!

Estimating and Cost Projection

When we receive your initial design plan, we will immediately begin gathering quotes from industry professionals. Once we’ve gathered all the estimates and condensed them into a detailed construction cost breakdown, we will review it with you and identify potential areas of savings, as well as areas that may present problems. We will use this information to refine your house plans and present our findings and ideas to your design team. They will implement the changes into your final design, which we will use to gather additional estimates and create a final budget.


While our estimating team is assembling your budget, your project manager will be creating your job schedule. The job schedule details every major stage in your construction project, it is composed of over many milestones and includes a calendared task list for you, the owner. Most projects are scheduled for a construction period of between three and six months. Your project manager will review your schedule with you exactly as your estimator will review your budget, identifying areas of savings and ensuring your project is built as efficiently as possible.

Project Management

On site, your superintendent will supervise subcontractors and ensure everything is running smoothly. Your project manager is your direct connection to the job site, and will ensure you are informed of the whole construction process. Any major issues will be addressed to keep the project on schedule and within your budget, and any changes will be relayed promptly to your superintendent. Every project has a goal of being finished on time, under cost, and with the highest quality.


By the time your budget and schedule are complete, your building permit should be ready and construction can begin. Your project will be assigned a superintendent, who will coordinate all construction activities in the field and liaise with your project manager to ensure any issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner. We will never compromise your job quality, and your budget and schedule are always our priority.


San Francisco Commercial Builders gives you will have constant contact with your project manager, who will keep you updated on the construction process. You will always be informed of major milestones, the best times to visit the job site, selections that need to be made, and all other decisions that will keep your project moving forward. You are as much a part of the construction team as everyone else and it is your team’s best interest to make the best home possible.